PIE services®

'Most groups are too busy working in their business to work on their business. As a co-management company, PIE Helps practices meet obstacles head on, and succeed in challenging and uncertain markets.'

Practice Assessments

PIE conducts practice assessments to identify where improvements can be made in:

    1. Reducing the cost of operations, staffing, service and technology
    2. Improving the governance and decision making process
    3. Building on strengths, mitigating weaknesses
    4. Benchmarking productivity gains and efficiency metrics
    5. Enhancing targeted marketing efforts to identify opportunities for growth and market share gains
    6. Developing a customized approach to alignment strategies with health systems and ACOs
    7. Maximizing existing technology or replacing with best in class technology if the cost benefit is proven

Implementation & Co-Management

Leveraging the outcomes of the practice assessment, PIE assists in implementing a strategic business plan to focus on practice goals. PIE also provides an on-site manager to coordinate and facilitate approved changes relieving the practice of ongoing strategic challenges.

PIE's leadership has national and international experience in radiology, technology and service delivery. PIE provides access to nationally recognized physician and management leaders to guide the practice and its shareholders into positions of strength, growth and security.


value to radiology groups

Increased security through customer relationships, improved operational performance, targeted marketing and nimble strategies.  As a strategic partner, we assist radiology groups in preparing for and capitalizing on impending changes in healthcare reimbursements.


value to hospital & healthcare systems

Administrative coordination and alignment with one accountable radiology organization, setting and achieving mutual goals.  We deliver system-wide standardization of processes, best practices, and the ability to reduce costs while improving quality through operational enhancement. We help hospitals and healthcare systems with revenue enhancements through targeted marketing and contracting, and strategically prepare for and capitalize on shifting reimbursement models.