We engaged Partners in the Imaging Enterprise at a challenging time in our development. We were three separate groups that had joined together to form a single entity, while experiencing rapid growth and navigating rapid changes in the healthcare reimbursement environment. The PIE assessment was efficient and painless and outlined a clear path of improvements to build out the foundation for our continued growth. We subsequently engaged PIE to implement the improvements and help us further refine our practice strategy. They have proven an invaluable resource in every aspect of our practice ranging from governance, operations, finance, technology, and hospital relationships. PIE provided us access to industry leaders and I am confident that our practice is now more nimble and prepared for the future than we ever could have been on our own.
– Walid Adham, M.D.
We worked with PIE Radiology to build out a more cost-efficient and robust overnight services solution for our hospitals and incorporate our growing teleradiology business. With multiple systems to deal with and several siloed workflows, PIE helped us understand how we could bring our radiologists together to work as a more cohesive team and better leverage our economies of scale. This helped us eliminate the need for several new hires. After working through the process of how this would benefit our group, PIE designed an implementation plan and worked with us to put it in place.
– Charles Soderstrom, M.D.
PIE radiology performed a full assessment of our group and as part of that evaluation, identified key governance issues that had many downstream effects on our organization. Part of their engagement was to work with us to help us to create a more efficient governance model and update our organizational documents to reflect these changes. They walked through the whole process with us, worked with our legal counsel to refine language and facilitated the communication and voting process for 35+ shareholders. Changes in culture are difficult for most groups and PIE set the foundation for us to make effective change.
– Stephen Dalton, M.D.
PIE consistently met deadlines and exceeded our expectations throughout the engagement. We would recommend PIE to any hospital system looking to ensure their imaging services are properly aligned with the system goals.
– Nancy Adams, MBA, RN
We engaged Partners in the Imaging Enterprise (PIE) after reviewing several proposals and receiving a recommendation from a physician colleague. PIE took the lead by having its physician team engage directly with our radiologists, radiology staff and department heads throughout the health system to perform an assessment of our services and processes. Our aim was to better align the strengths of the radiologists with the goals and needs of the health system. PIE made specific, actionable recommendations to continue to drive alignment improvements for the imaging enterprise. Their report was easily converted to an action plan for immediate implementation.

We found the experience with PIE to be professional with personal contact with senior members of the PIE organization. PIE also offered to provide implementation assistance for any changes they recommended with performance driven outcomes.
– Western Maryland Health System